What’s Possible When You Climb a Tree?

A community ceremony with a playful twist draws a crowd

While Luke LeeBurton strummed and drummed among the branches of a tree yesterday afternoon, a good-sized crowd gathered to participate in the community ceremony he and his colleagues had created.

Called Weaving Our Stories On The Water’s Edge, the ceremony was one of several Artsweek activities unfolding alongside Jackson Creek near Bonaccord Street.

With its mix of playfulness and reverence, poetry and spontaneous outbursts, the ceremony drew people in to celebrate this place, each other and art — together.

Luke, a self-described music maker, worked with Jovanna Soligo, who brought her gifts in ceremony hosting and Deb Reynolds, a community arts maker, to create the ceremony.

All three say it really came together when someone had the brainwave to have Luke climb the tree.

Worlds open up when you climb a tree, as most youngsters know. Fortresses become possible. Gleeful spying. Far far seeing. Deep deep attuning to one’s soul and the earth and eternity.

Peterborough Dialogues interviewed Luke just as the ceremony ended, up in the tree. Enjoy the video!

Peterborough Dialogues also interviewed Deb and Jovanna about what emerged for them through the ceremony. The interview can be viewed here.

Videographer: Amber Pula

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  1. Thank you so much for capturing the magic Michelle and Amber! You have a beautiful way of asking just the right questions and distilling an experience down to its essence through words and visuals.

    • Michelle Strutzenberger

      Thank you Jovanna!

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