The Moments and Energy After a Community Ceremony

Co-facilitators of the Artsweek experience reflect on what’s coming up for them

An exhilarating energy pervaded the community ceremony happening alongside Jackson Creek last Sunday afternoon, and co-facilitators Jovanna Soliga and Deb Reynolds had lots to say about what was coming up for them as it wrapped up.

Artfully blending live music and poetry, small smooth stones and vibrant saris, the ceremony created a space for people of all walks of life to make art and music together in a light and accessible kind of way.

Could this have been the beginning of a new kind of community experience for Peterborough?

As we move through these uncertain times, imagine weaving in ceremony as a part of the larger community fabric. Ceremony that is light in spirit and authentic to the people going through it. Ceremony that does not bind and restrict, but offers a container for people to be themselves, that is loose enough for “magical” unanticipated things to happen.

As Jovanna and Deb say in the video interview below, they see exciting possibilities for this kind of ceremony to be part of Peterborough’s unfolding story.

The ceremony, called Weaving Our Stories at the Water’s Edge, was one of several Artsweek activities taking place at Jackson Creek. Luke LeeBurton joined with Deb and Jovanna in creating the ceremony; a Peterborough Dialogues interview with him in a tree can be viewed here.

Click here to access the Artsweek calendar.

Videographer: Amber Pula

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  2. Jo Hayward--Haines

    So beautifully done I could participate even though I wasn’t physically present when the ceremony took place. I love Deb’s comment about planning only so far as to then let the magic happen. That magic certainly seemed to be with everyone there at the water’s edge.

  3. Cheryl Ellis

    You two ladies make me really happy every time I see you. Just wonderful!