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Reawakening to Place as a Community

The ground from which we can begin creating a more abundant world again

It can feel as if we have lost limbs and senses in today’s world of screen-based engagement and motor-based travel. To cope, we may shrink deeper and deeper inside ourselves, seeking to escape the shriek and the fumes and the emptiness around us. Others of us may do the opposite, throwing ourselves fully into an experience grated with fake lights, motor noises and the incessant cry to buy.
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Bringing Home the Best of Neighbourhood Connections

Tamarack conference participants try a collaborative experiment in knowledge sharing

A man enters the only store in a small town wanting to buy fishing bait. The merchant, perplexed, says he can oblige but suggests the man will find just what he needs outside by simply turning over some rocks. This story was shared at yesterday’s Neighbourhood Connections event at Seeds of Change in Peterborough. It was fitting and poignant, reflecting the essence of the purpose- and possibility-laden gathering.
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