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In Four Hours, a Citizen-Led Pollinators Project Blooms

At a community gathering on Saturday a shared vision takes root

On Saturday morning, a “pollinator pathways” project that has caught the imagination of a group of local citizens took its next step towards blossoming into life in Peterborough. 18 curious and committed people of all ages and levels of experience gathered to co-create the next stage of the initiative.
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Disruption Births Magic

Media makers’ circle leans into new tension, finds deeper insights and shifts than anticipated

After months of gathering weekly to dialogue on the art of Generative Journalism and the New Narrative Arts, one member of a small media makers’ circle extended an invitation to disrupt the usual pattern of exchange.
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Celebrating Local Food Month

Our growing local food circle co-creates an evening of community and abundance

Members of the Peterborough Dialogues local food circle co-created a dinner of local ingredients on September 28, in a spirit of reconnection with place, community, local food producers, our own yards and gardens, and the harvest season.
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