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The Invitation Lives in Us

'To be seen, to be connected, to belong'

Curator’s Note: The Summer Peterborough Dialogues Core Conversation series has just wrapped up. This is the fifth cohort (pictured above) to join the Core Conversation series since the Peterborough Dialogues took shape early last year. Co-host Deb Reynolds, offers a reflection and a call below.
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Jobs summit offers taste of deep democracy

Event creates space for people in the room to design new possibilities based on what they can do and existing community assets

The jobs summit hosted by Maryam Monsef, MP Peterborough-Kawartha on Thursday offered a taste of what could be called deep democracy. People in the room co-discovered existing assets in the community, imagined new possibilities and considered their own level of commitment to bringing something new into being.
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Parade of Volunteers Moves B!KE to Its New Location

How does a community project move a building full of bikes? It invites the community.

What did B!KE, Peterborough’s well-loved people-powered Community Bike Shop do when it needed to move all its bikes to its new 293 George St. location this weekend? It invited the community to help. And 70 volunteers of all ages crowdsourced the move and formed a parade through town.
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