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In Four Hours, a Citizen-Led Pollinators Project Blooms

At a community gathering on Saturday a shared vision takes root

On Saturday morning, a “pollinator pathways” project that has caught the imagination of a group of local citizens took its next step towards blossoming into life in Peterborough. 18 curious and committed people of all ages and levels of experience gathered to co-create the next stage of the initiative.
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‘Pollinator Pathways’ — A Vision for Connected Ecology in Peterborough

Join us from 9am-1pm January 23 as we discover next steps in co-creating (and co-funding) this community initiative

Here we are — 2016, and post COP 21. In the aftermath of such a warm December in Ontario, climate change is common experience. Many possibilities for community action are emerging. Here’s one that builds on what GreenUP, Farms at Work and others are already doing.
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