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Reconnecting to Our Call as a Community

What if we are not the only ones?

It was session 2 of the latest iteration of the Peterborough Dialogues Core Conversations series. We were supposed to be delving deep into connecting to place. But as is his gifting, our host Peter Pula sensed into a different energy and proposed we swing on a detour for a time.
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Founding Participants Bring Dialogues Into Bloom

Our first 35 Peterborough Dialogues pioneers have laid a deep foundation for the work to come; a second series will start on June 11th

The first core Dialogue Series of the Peterborough Dialogues came to a close on Thursday and Saturday in a spirit of connection and celebration. A group of 35 of us took a 10-week journey together into a new model of change and community-building, and there is a sense in the group of having been on a shared secret adventure.
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