Strangers Meet to Light up Local-indie Economy

Yvonne Hollandy

It has been said that the small group is the unit of transformation. Our Indie-Local Economy gathering a couple of weeks ago hosted a small group of about 20 to connect and explore ways to cross social circles to light up local economy.

As the evening unfolded, people who otherwise wouldn’t have likely found themselves in a room together explored provocative questions with one another in small groups of three. They were invited to ‘hold space’ for one another and hear the intentions, willingness to risk, and declarations of possibility for our community.

After each participant declared a possibility they wanted to bring to life we identified about 20 different conversations the group wanted to have. By the end of the evening a couple of small groups of two formed around specific possibilities.

Out of the gathering two good sized groups formed. One came together to explore what it would take to unlock latent local capital in service of a thriving local economy. This group intends on reconvening.

Another good sized group came together around local food. Some interest was expressed in working together to create more awareness around what is already alive and thriving in our local food system as well as how to develop the conditions for further thriving.

This video below shares some of the reflections of participants as the circle closed.

We will keep you posted as the two main working circles take shape and unfold what wants to come to life. You’ll be invited!

Click here to see a photo album from the event.

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