A Small Way to Support Peterborough’s Thriving

Pollinator garden projects seeking citizen votes

They’ve been getting their hands in the dirt and their proposals in the hands of Peterborough’s participatory budgeting decision makers — and the promise of change is ripening.

A citizen group called Peterborough Pollinators is working hard to bring a web of pollinator gardens to life in Peterborough.

They are inspired by an awareness that pollinators — birds, bats, bees, butterflies and beetles — are vital to the thriving of the human population. They also see how, more than ever, those pollinators need certain kinds of environments to really flourish. (To learn more about the importance of pollinators and pollinator gardens, click here)

“The bees, butterflies, bats and birds are celebrating.”
— Jo Hayward-Haines

Now there’s an opportunity for Peterborough residents to do something small to support both the vision of the Peterborough Pollinators — and the future well-being of this community.

Peterborough Pollinators has just learned that proposals submitted to Peterborough’s new participatory budgeting process to grow pollinator gardens have passed the first approval stage in all five wards.

In two of the wards, Monaghan (Ward 2) and Northcrest (Ward 5), pollinator garden projects will definitely be happening.

The pollinator garden projects in the three other wards require the support of Peterborough residents through voting.

Voting begins today and runs until Friday, June 13. People can cast their vote either in person at City Hall or online at the My Peterborough 2016 Participatory Budgeting site.

The pollinator garden projects in the running — and seeking those votes — include:

  • Ward 1, Otonabee: Pollinator Gardens — Team Lead Hélène Denis
  • Ward 3, Town: London Street Parkette Improvements — Team Lead Peter Hughes
  • Ward 4, Ashburnham: Pollinator Gardens — Team Lead Rob Tonus

In the case of Monaghan Ward, the pollinator garden project proposed by nature columnist Drew Monkman was one of four projects deemed eligible for participatory budgeting. Because the combined costs of the four projects added up to just under $20,000 — the amount of funds earmarked for participatory budgeting in each ward — all four will be happening.

In Northcrest Ward, only one project, a pollinator garden project proposed by Peterborough Pollinators lead Carlotta James was deemed eligible; it is therefore acclaimed and will proceed.

“It’s so exciting to see that so many from the Peterborough Pollinators group have pollinator projects that were accepted for the participatory budgeting project,” says Carlotta.

“The vision of creating pollinator pathways throughout the city of Peterborough is manifesting in such an amazing way that will essentially create new habitat and food sources for pollinators.”

While the above are gardens of the future, several others will be growing this summer already.

In true citizenship fashion, the Peterborough Pollinators recently descended on the home of a member to transform her front yard into a four-bed pollinator garden.

The group will also be holding a gardening bee this Sunday as they build a pollinator garden on the premises of the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough.

“The bees, butterflies, bats and birds are celebrating,” says Jo Hayward-Haines, an active Peterborough Pollinators member.

To learn more about what’s cropping up, visit the Peterborough Pollinators page.

And don’t forget to vote. Here’s that link again: My Peterborough 2016 Participatory Budgeting site.

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  1. Participatory budgeting process depends on citizens voting for projects of their choice to be chosen for budget from the City of Peterborough. Talking to people has been inspirational as I learned people want to participate, want to know how to vote, and want to be involved in the vibrancy and life of our community. It doesn’t get much better than that. Marlis