Relationships Feed Resilience of Local Food System

Imagine what a conversation can bring: the understanding that could be gained, the connections made, the strengthening of relationships that could develop when we take the time to inquire about the food we eat and where it comes from.

To celebrate Local Food Month, Peterborough Dialoguer Jo Hayward-Haines sat down with Norm Howard of Elements Restaurant in Peterborough to discuss the importance of relationships between farmers, restauranteurs and customers. Their conversation illustrates just how interdependent we all are to the thriving of our local economy and food system.

It doesn’t take much – from going to the market to purchase your produce, to asking which menu items include local ingredients, to eating in season – all actions that have a great impact on your local economy. Each choice means a local business is able to grow and earn more, which in turn gets re-invested into our community, which means more jobs, more prosperity, for us all.

We hope you enjoy this insightful interview.

Writer: Jocasta Boone
Interviewer: Jo Hayward-Haines
Videographer: Amber Pula