Rediscovering a Vibration of Newness and Possibility

Luke Lee Burton struck by resilience of goodness, of playfulness, of purpose

Capturing the essence of soul-energizing moments can be like trying to catch lightening in a jar, especially after the fact.

Luke Lee Burton has come to an inspiring place on his life journey that is pulsating with a vibration of newness and possibility.

Stories and images swirl in a conversation with him, all alive with this impression of him being vibrantly connected to himself, to place and others — and also some Spirit.

Luke Lee Burton

Luke Lee Burton (Photo: Ben Wolfe)

“What’s giving me sense and meaning right now is making space to be attuned to messages where I’m available to really challenge how I think I ought to be navigating or how I think my life ought to look like,” Luke says.

He describes vivid dreams and sense-sparking experiences that are drawing and guiding him in this newly reawakened space — this “re-aliveness” that is a recurring and also deepening theme in his life, he says.

One theme that bounces bright in the middle of our conversation is Luke’s sudden sensing or re-sensing of the resilience of goodness, of playfulness, of purpose.

Invited to share what he sees in the future, Luke offers a beautiful vision of the future that includes great joy, not only his own joy, but other people’s joy, the Earth’s joy, as well as abundance, people sharing food and music and a sense of the sacredness of the earth being restored. He also says he sees how making a personal commitment to making this vision real appears more possible than ever.

Luke then goes on to share about a “subplot” in his life, a yearning to be a father that comes through “an alignment that starts from my tailbone.”

“It is the father that I’m proud to be, the father that I’m very proud to invite a soul and trusting, ‘Yes soul it’s worth it, come to the Earth at this time; this is an exciting place and it’s an exciting time and you’re going to love here.”

The loud, skeptical voice that hones in on the world’s overpopulation and angry, difficult people is also reverberating, but as Luke speaks a remembrance appears of just recently seeing a squirrel struck by a minivan, then running up a tree to cling there, shaking. Luke recalls watching the squirrel, full of anger for a long time.

“Just noticing (this myth about money) as an energetic pattern lets me be free of it. . . It’s an intention and a liberation from an old thought pattern.”

But now, in our conversation, what comes to him is how “you can get run over by a friggin mini van and be okay after that . . . which is not at all how I was feeling that story before. I felt this urgency for people to wake up . . .

“But in this moment where I’m aligned with that father optimism that comes from knowing I’ll commit every fibre to a (new being), it makes me smile, it makes me laugh about the resilience of goodness, the resilience of nature, the resilience of playfulness, the resilience of purpose.”

Being so attuned and on such a discovery path has been enabled in part by “turning down” the “money song” — the song or story that says making money is the central purpose and giver of life.

“I noticed it like an energetic shell on my back, this myth about money, that I’ve got to be making as much of it as I can,” Luke says.

“And just noticing that as an energetic pattern lets me be free of it. . . It’s an intention and a liberation from an old thought pattern.”

That said, the old thought pattern certainly does creep back. But refreshment is possible.

“The things or the conversations or the actions that help me stay aligned with this vibration of newness and possibility that involves having money turned down definitely include the (Peterborough) Dialogues,” says Luke, who participated in the summer series of the Dialogues and has just signed up to be a regular member of the community-building Dojo or Tree Fort.

“The people, the processes, the books that other people are reading in that group, that’s definitely where this conversation is being most stimulated now.

“I feel that I’ve had enough of a taste and feel of being connected to community in these kind of ideas that it feels more possible than ever to make a realistic commitment to these and the other things that I see, to work towards them,” he adds.

He’s certainly an energy bearer to the conversation, carrying with him as he does this energized vibration of newness and possibility, opening worlds.

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  1. DebReynolds

    A really beautiful expression of Luke energy. Thanks, Michelle. (and Luke)

    • Michelle Strutzenberger

      Thank you Deb!

  2. Jo Hayward--Haines

    Luke is the embodiment of what the invitation to experience here at Dialogues is all about.- newness, aliveness, possibilities.

  3. Wow! So well done, Michelle! You have put the lightning in the jar, and let me see the flash….

    • Michelle Strutzenberger

      Thank you Bill! 🙂

  4. Luke Lee Burton

    I get shivers of lightning when I read this and am viscerally reminded of my purpose. Thank you so deeply Michelle for this whole interview/article process.

    • Michelle Strutzenberger

      And I thank you!! It was definitely a gift to me too.