Pioneering Community Mediation in Peterborough

'What unfolded was much richer than we had anticipated:' Marion Little

Amber Pula
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Click the image above to view the compilation of videos, art, poetry and stories.

The experience of creating a community mediation initiative in Peterborough has been both full of surprises and generated deep hope. Peterborough Dialogues has captured some of those moments and emotions as it has followed the unfolding journey of this initiative. Enjoy the compilation of stories, art, poetry and videos created over the course of this project by clicking on the image to the right.

Below, we feature a new brief video documentary with Community Mediation Co-ordinator Marion Little as she reflects on the project to date and speaks to what’s next.

To view the Community Mediation Peterborough Video Album, click here.

Community Mediation Peterborough is a new partnership between John Howard Society of Peterborough, Peterborough Housing Corporation, and Peterborough Police Services. The program launch was funded by the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services.

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