Dream of Pollinator Gardens Blossoms into Community Action

Group submitting participatory budgeting proposals for pollinator gardens in all 5 wards

Illustration by Carlotta James

Starting with a small group, a dream to see pollinator gardens spring up across Peterborough has blossomed into quite the community action.

In the video below, Peter Pula of the Peterborough Dialogues speaks with a champion of the effort from the beginning, Carlotta James, on what’s taking shape. Also hear from four other Peterborough citizens on what’s being made possible through the Peterborough Pollinators initiative. You’ll have to scroll down the page to find their videos.

What’s being made possible through the Peterborough Pollinators initiative that wasn’t possible before? Rob Tonus, Ben Wolfe, Jo Hayward-Haines and Kelly McDowell, all citizen activists with the initiative, share their reflections.


For more on Peterborough Pollinators, visit their Facebook page.

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