A Peterborough Father Discovers the Generosity of His Neighbours

Gifts and offerings circle sparks abundance of support

Through a half-hour gifts and offerings circle in a Peterborough social housing unit, a father discovered the generosity of his neighbours after he opened up about his family’s need. Maisie Watson of the Peterborough Housing Corporation tells the story of what happened.

Videographer: Amber Pula
Animation artist: Yvonne Hollandy

Lead image illustration: Yvonne Hollandy. To see full rendering click here.

The gifts and offerings circle was hosted by Peter Pula of Axiom News and the Peterborough Dialogues.The circle followed a dialogue in the social housing unit on a new-to-Peterborough community mediation program.

This dialogue was part of launching Community Mediation Peterborough, a new partnership between John Howard Society of Peterborough, Peterborough Housing Corp., and Peterborough Police Services. The program launch was funded by the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services

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