Parade of Volunteers Moves B!KE to Its New Location

How does a community project move a building full of bikes? It invites the community.

Ben Wolfe

What did B!KE, Peterborough’s well-loved people-powered Community Bike Shop do when it needed to move all its bikes to its new 293 George St. location this weekend?

It invited the community to help. Many friends spread the word. And 70 volunteers of all ages crowdsourced the move, turned it into a happening, and formed a parade through town. Here’s a quick photo gallery of the November 22nd bike parade.

B!KE is a non-profit, member-based cycling education and support organization that has been teaching self-reliant bike maintenance, repair, and riding skills since 2006. It expects to reopen in its slightly larger and much higher visibility location on December 4th. And we expect to write more about it soon.

Click on any photo to view a slideshow of larger images.
Photography by Ben Wolfe.

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  1. Thanks so much for capturing this beautiful afternoon.

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