Media Making Next Step for Peterborough Dialogues

News site launched to share insights and shape emerging stories

    Russ Duncan

    In March 40 Peterborough Citizens embarked on a 10-week dialogue exploration. Halfway through the adventure the hosting team has launched a news site to share insights from the local dialogues, connect to insights from elsewhere, and share stories emerging from the dialogues.

    The dialogue series to explore, How Do We Create a Local Living Oasis in a Global Storm of Shifting Sands was a first step.

    The Peterborough Dialogues news site will share insights and stories from the local dialogues, and connect to insights from elsewhere.

    As the 40 participants have been exploring their intentions, their relationships, and their story of place, the hosting team has been watching for emerging energy and stories.

    Some of the emerging story themes include connection to place and nature, cohousing, and the art of neighbouring. Members of the Peterborough Dialogues newsroom are developing grassroots stories as a starting point. has been created to cultivate and share those stories.

    Internationally, new approaches to journalism and sharing community story are emerging and the Peterborough Dialogues will be creating pathways to push the envelope in those directions.

    One example is Open Journalism, pioneered by the Guardian. In Open Journalism, members of the news organization hold space for collaboration, insight, and resources to come together by working with active community members.

    De Correspondent of the Netherlands is another one. De Correspondent is a member-supported news team that invites its members to connect with correspondents on content creation and circulation.

    The Axiom News team will be stealing some ideas from pioneers like these and adding some of its own innovations.

    New approaches to journalism and sharing community story are emerging. The aim is to create ways for citizens to participate in the sensing and creation of stories.

    The aim is to create ways for citizens to participate in the sensing, creation, and sharing of stories that matter to them.

    Axiom News is breaking away from the producer-consumer approach to media and creating ways for media to be a co-creative act of community expression.

    Through the Peterborough Dialogues, Axiom News is inviting citizens and organizations to become co-funders and co-creators in story sensing and media making. Depending on how involved people want to get they can keep it light, jump in and cultivate, learn about Generative Journalism, and even join the newsroom, depending on what suits them and the commitment they want to make.

    The site is not intended to compete with news organizations already active in the community.

    The first goal is to make a space for expressing the stories emerging from the Peterborough Dialogues. If we do things right, we expect naturally occurring collaborations with other media makers to emerge.

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    1. charlene wynne

      As an Anishinaabe (ojibwe) woman living in the city, I have my story to tell. I wonder about the fabric of this city and where original people fit. Where is my voice, where is my image? Do I belong? I love this city and plan to stay. Maybe this venue will help me find a blended community.