The Invitation Lives in Us

'To be seen, to be connected, to belong'

Curator’s Note: The latest Peterborough Dialogues Core Conversation series has just wrapped up. This is the fifth cohort (pictured above) to gather since the Peterborough Dialogues took shape early last year. In closing, co-host Deb Reynolds offers a reflection and a call based on what people said during the experience.

The invitation,
to be seen, to be connected, to belong,
lives in us,
always in a state of becoming,
every step a moment of creation.
At a crossroads,
the place calls us to change,
to be changed.
Show up, take risks,
be a co-creator of the community
of our dreams.
Soften the gaze,
see the veins of connection,
of blood flowing
through our roots.
It’s ongoing,
this discovery of ourselves,
our gifts,
our being with each other
in this place.
Roots untethered,
A canopy growing underground
mirrored in the canopy above.
A gathering place.
We let go and we hold on,
discovering what is constant in ourselves.
We give and receive
the invitation to dance.
Poet: Deb Reynolds

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  1. Ralph Gutkin

    Very beautiful Deb. It certainly resonates with my experience.