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Local Congregation Embraces New Way of Gathering

‘We're really excited about what's happening. This is distinctly different from anything we’ve done before.'

Peter Pula sat down recently with two members of the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough, Rev. Julie Stoneberg and Jovanna Soligo, to explore their congregation’s experience with working into new ways of gathering.

About a dozen of members of the fellowship have been actively engaged with the Peterborough Dialogues since its inception early last year, and these people are bringing what they’re learning around community dialogue and hosting back to the fellowship.
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1 Year, 1 Family, 1 World

Bringing the world's best sustainability practices to the streets of Peterborough

Cam Douglas, Yvonne Leicht and their children Kaia and Jake have begun bringing their family’s round the world adventure into sustainability practices home — starting with bicycle-shaped cookies at Peterborough Pulse.
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