Category: Beyond Ptbo

Stories from our cross-community alliance of projects and partnerships beyond the drumlins that illuminate possibilities in Peterborough

Returning to the Basics

5 core Art of Hosting insights from recent advanced trainings

The Art of Hosting Beyong the Basics team’s ideas and lessons from working at scale have begun to outline a form and practice of leadership that is needed in much of our work now. Here are five top of mind insights that are part of what I’m discovering about how we can be helpful when working with organizations, communities and larger systems.
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A Curation of Neighbourhood-strengthening Artifacts

New stories and tools to offer hope and ideas for creating thriving neighbourhoods

As generative media makers we love to receive and discover stories and tools that relate in some way to our deeper mission. This article illuminates some artifacts that have crossed our desks most recently and either energized us or made us curious or both. The tie that binds them all: the work and mission of strengthening neighbourhoods. Maybe one could think of this as a digital museum.
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