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Calling a Conversation on Harper Park

March 25 Summit 'a wonderful opportunity for community stewardship:' Kim Zippel

Harper Park is a little known ecological gem within the city of Peterborough. It is home to a large percentage of native plant species and area-sensitive birds and mammals, the likes of which are rarely found within city limits.
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Local Congregation Embraces New Way of Gathering

‘We're really excited about what's happening. This is distinctly different from anything we’ve done before.'

Peter Pula sat down recently with two members of the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough, Rev. Julie Stoneberg and Jovanna Soligo, to explore their congregation’s experience with working into new ways of gathering.

About a dozen of members of the fellowship have been actively engaged with the Peterborough Dialogues since its inception early last year, and these people are bringing what they’re learning around community dialogue and hosting back to the fellowship.
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Who’s the Bob Dylan of the Hosting Arts World?

Hosting arts working circle asks into importance of talent versus process

What’s most essential to helping groups of people have the really important conversations they need to have? Is it the talent of the “artist”, that is, the host, or the “art,” the process? This question was a vibrant thread in yesterday’s working circle on the hosting arts at the Axiom News office. The phrase poem
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Optimism and Self-sufficiency Surface through Summit

'I believe we can tell the story that leads to sustained funding of this work'

A sense of heightened optimism as well as commitment to take action surfaced through a summit on a new-to-Peterborough Community Mediation project on April 4. Hear the participants themselves express that hope and self-sufficiency through this brief harvest video and phrase poem. The poem was created during the summit, as people spoke. For the video, people shared reflections as the day wrapped up.
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The Gifts in the Federal Election

New energy of hope combined with new approaches to dialogue can shift community action: Peter Pula

As part of a recent experiment on a new way to experience Generative Journalism, a small media-makers’ circle posed generative questions of each other. Part of the exchange focused on new possibilities opening out from the federal election. This portion of the dialogue features a question posed by circle member Bill Templeman to Peter Pula.
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An Invitation: A New Beginning For You, For Our Community

On June 25 at 1 p.m. at Millennium Park, a small group of participants from the Peterborough Dialogues is hosting a community ceremony to honour and celebrate “a new beginning,” for us as individuals and as a community. There’s a sense that our community, Peterborough, is at a turning point: that collectively we have an opportunity to step into, create and celebrate a new story.
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