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Why Hosting Is Harder than Leading

We have become so remarkably accustomed to a form of leadership that comes from the top. Why? Well, because it is easier for everybody. It is easier for the leader because they can indulge in their narcissism. And, well, we want them to. You see, if they are shaping things according to their filters and persona then we can move in a direction that is embodied by the leader. It is easy to grasp.
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I’ve been thinking about what is it I believe is the essence of hosting. Intention and Ownership — that makes all the difference.
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Beauty and the Bees

The transforming power of facing fear

What subconscious stream calls a person into facing fears and dancing with the bees? Jumping into bee keeping was something of a surprise to Debbie Wilson.
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Media Making Next Step for Peterborough Dialogues

News site launched to share insights and shape emerging stories

In March, 40 Peterborough Citizens embarked on a 10-week dialogue exploration. Halfway through the adventure the hosting team has launched this news site to share insights from the dialogues, connect to insights from elsewhere, and share stories emerging in the community.
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