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Goodwill Reverberates Through Community Building/Journalism Summit

Passion to see local publication survive and thrive motivates attendees

A new Trent University graduate who’s decided to stay in Peterborough rather than return to his country of origin, says reading Electric City Magazine helped make this city “home” to him. He joined the Dec. 9 summit curious to see what’s next and keen to explore how he might support the work going forward.
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Reawakening to Place as a Community

The ground from which we can begin creating a more abundant world again

It can feel as if we have lost limbs and senses in today’s world of screen-based engagement and motor-based travel. To cope, we may shrink deeper and deeper inside ourselves, seeking to escape the shriek and the fumes and the emptiness around us. Others of us may do the opposite, throwing ourselves fully into an experience grated with fake lights, motor noises and the incessant cry to buy.
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New Citizen-led Initiatives Stirring Up This Fall

Community members connect around specific possibilities they personally want to make happen

All kinds of stuff happened at the Autumn Dialogues Summit on Saturday. A couple of people had visceral moments of self-awareness that it was time to act on what they’d been talking and dreaming of for so long – or “get off the pot,” as one put it.
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Jobs summit offers taste of deep democracy

Event creates space for people in the room to design new possibilities based on what they can do and existing community assets

The jobs summit hosted by Maryam Monsef, MP Peterborough-Kawartha on Thursday offered a taste of what could be called deep democracy. People in the room co-discovered existing assets in the community, imagined new possibilities and considered their own level of commitment to bringing something new into being.
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Peterborough: On the Path to Being a City that Listens

‘I think we’re in the midst of a big shift:’ Peter Pula

There’s an awful lot alive in terms of Peterborough being able to claim it’s a city that listens. Among the energizing signs of this: the nature of this week’s job fair events hosted by Peterborough-Kawartha MP Maryam Monsef, the new Sidewalk Talks and the new-to-Peterborough Community Mediation programs, to name only a few.
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Cameron St. residents more hopeful about their community’s future

Dialogue sparks plan for larger gathering to bring community dreams to life

Residents of 835 Cameron St. housing have worked together to make good stuff happen for their neighbourhood in the past. And after a gathering last Friday, a number of them are hopeful those moments of positive collaboration will happen more often and involve more people, making the future that much brighter for their community and
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Reconnecting to Our Call as a Community

What if we are not the only ones?

It was session 2 of the latest iteration of the Peterborough Dialogues Core Conversations series. We were supposed to be delving deep into connecting to place. But as is his gifting, our host Peter Pula sensed into a different energy and proposed we swing on a detour for a time.
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Disruption Births Magic

Media makers’ circle leans into new tension, finds deeper insights and shifts than anticipated

After months of gathering weekly to dialogue on the art of Generative Journalism and the New Narrative Arts, one member of a small media makers’ circle extended an invitation to disrupt the usual pattern of exchange.
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A Curation of Neighbourhood-strengthening Artifacts

New stories and tools to offer hope and ideas for creating thriving neighbourhoods

As generative media makers we love to receive and discover stories and tools that relate in some way to our deeper mission. This article illuminates some artifacts that have crossed our desks most recently and either energized us or made us curious or both. The tie that binds them all: the work and mission of strengthening neighbourhoods. Maybe one could think of this as a digital museum.
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Co-creating a Community-building Dojo

Fine-tuning language, focus, adds clarity, energy to Peterborough Dialogues

ome small but important fine-tuning to the intended Peterborough Dialogues structure for the fall occurred this past week, adding clarity and energy as a core team continues to push forward. One of those shifts was the inspiration to see the Peterborough Dialogues Tree Fort as an experience in co-creating a community-building dojo — where people
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Jobs, Livelihoods and Soul Work

Fresh energy stirring around citizen-shaped ways to make — and remake — a living

While high-level discussions about solutions to Peterborough’s disturbing unemployment numbers continue, fresh energy is stirring among local citizens around shaping local, meaningful livelihoods.
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New Economy Thinking Rippling Out

Small group seeding a local economic shift draws new interest

Whether it’s introducing the concept of a public trust or co-ordinating research into the economic ramifications of boosting our local food production by 25 per cent, a small group in Peterborough has been working well below the mainstream radar to seed a local economic shift. Their years of hard work are now at the centre of new discussions on the new economy.
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Lessons in Neighbourhood Economics From Cincinnati

What if marginalized neighbourhoods crafted their own handmade, place-based economies?

Handmade living. Place-based. Local. Those are some of the terms Peter Block uses to describe neighbourhood economics. “In some ways neighbourhood economics is trying to find a peaceful resolution to what’s going on in the world — a non-violent, non-political, non-ideological resolution. We’re saying there is an alternative way of thinking about economics,” he says.
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A Dream for Cohousing in Peterborough

Small group energized by possibilities in community-based housing model

Linda Viscardis had never heard the word “cohousing” when she began imagining a different kind of housing scenario for her daughter, Laura. Now, she says “they talk about sustainability and reciprocity and people coming together in shared space and it’s like, ‘Oh my gosh so this is what heaven is going to look like’.”
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As Plans for the Peterborough Dialogues Unfold…

had the privilege of joining another set of conversations with community members yesterday as plans for the Peterborough Dialogues continue to unfold. The Peterborough Dialogues have been described as a forum for finding new ways to be active as citizens alongside existing systems. The initiative is set to launch in the next few weeks. In
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