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The Invitation Lives in Us

'To be seen, to be connected, to belong'

Curator’s Note: The Summer Peterborough Dialogues Core Conversation series has just wrapped up. This is the fifth cohort (pictured above) to join the Core Conversation series since the Peterborough Dialogues took shape early last year. Co-host Deb Reynolds, offers a reflection and a call below.
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How Do We Want to Be in Community?

Collective art-making experience shapes conversation

During the most recent Peterborough Dialogues Core Conversation gathering, the group was led through a collective art-making experience as a path to discovering, co-creating and expressing how they want to be in community. Thanks to co-host Deb Reynolds for this blog about the experience.
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An Invitation to Explore This ‘Place’

As I’ve been fortunate to be part of the Peterborough Dialogues over the past two months, one of the things we’ve explored that has most resonated with me is the question of “place.” I’m a CFA — in Newfoundland terms, that’s a “Come From Away” — and I have been a CFA wherever I’ve lived since 1966 when my family left Newfoundland and headed to California, and then, 10 months later, to Toronto. By Grade 5, I’d been in five schools. I’d moved seven times. Although I’ve lived in (and visited) places I’ve loved, I live with a sense that I’ve never felt connected, rooted, fully engaged in the “place” I’ve lived.
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