Gathering Breathes Life into Art Hive Peterborough

It was an afternoon was full of palpable creativity, connection and potential.

The Art Hive Peterborough Summit held a couple of weeks ago seeded a network of about 20 community members committed to a shared vision of an inclusive space where the arts are embraced as a form of healing, learning and skill sharing.

The event, co-hosted by Peterborough Dialogues and Deb Reynolds, included art-making projects such as creating personal name tags and etching symbols of possibility onto a shared artistic background which fostered interaction and intention for those in the room.

Special guest Mary Krohnert of The LivingRoom Community Art Studio shared how lives have been positively impacted by holding space for art and invitation in Oshawa.

After making declarations of possibility, the room coalesced into four Design Lab groups focusing on Make a Plan, Win a Space, Social Enterprise and Doing Art Right Now – Making it Visible.

These working groups intend to reconnect in the near future to further step into making an Art Hive come to life in Peterborough.

The video below shares some reflections of participants. Music composition and video production by Amber Pula.

The video also includes a voice-over phrase poem (copied below) by Tara McDonough compiled by keynote listening throughout the day.

The photo album below by Yvonne Hollandy can also be found on Flickr.

Art Hive Summit
A phrase poem: All the lines in this poem were spoken by someone in the room

Some people want to just untangle the yarn
Finding the inter-weaving between stories and souls
You didn’t know what you were missing
A tenderness, little openings, close in bits

I’m not alone in not knowing
There’s something in the simplicity
Of creating
It doesn’t have to be huge

We are un-othering each other
Yes! Yes!
It’s coming from the heart
A healthy heart, pumping healthily

The energy is in the centre
The empty space
How hard it is for me
To suspend my disbelief

There’s nothing to say
This can’t be cut up
And recreated …
There are possibilities

Click on any photo below to view a slideshow of larger images.

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