Calling a Conversation on Harper Park

March 25 Summit 'a wonderful opportunity for community stewardship:' Kim Zippel

Craig Bogden

Harper Park is a little known ecological gem within the city of Peterborough. It is home to a large percentage of native plant species and area-sensitive birds and mammals, the likes of which are rarely found within city limits.

Peterborough Dialogues, along with a group of passionate community members, are calling a community conversation this Saturday, March 25 in the form of a full-day Summit to to discover together a path to protecting the ecological treasure Harper Park is in our city.

We as residents have a roll to play in the future of this space. The calling question — What If Private Citizens Took It Upon Themselves To Steward Harper Park Such That It Becomes a Beacon and Symbol of the Unique Beauty and Wonder of This Place and Community? — invites an opportunity to work together to build deep cohesion and community, and to find a way to serve everyone’s needs.

It is possible for us to navigate the dynamic community interests in rich supportive relationships between groups and with City Hall with ease, peace, and growth. “I think coming together as a competent community is the way to develop. If we don’t have the resources within the city to do watershed development and planning, then we turn to the community to do it… I think that would offload a lot from city planning,”  says Kim Zippel, a member of the Calling Circle for the Summit.

The Summit will offer an experience of deep dialogue and discovery through connecting and listening to one another.

Check out the videos below of Kim speaking to her hopes for the Summit, and another member of the Calling Circle, Dylan Radcliffe, discussing the ecological significance of Harper Park.

The event is a citizen-led and funded initiative. There is no fee to attend, however any contributions to the cost of this Summit, and the sustainability of future media and convening around Harper Park will be graciously accepted and honoured.

Registration is required. Please visit our Eventbrite page for more information and to register.

Kim Zippel Shares Hopes for Harper Park Summit

Dylan Radcliffe on the Ecological Community Connection to Harper Park

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