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Successful Reintegration Requires Community Support

Part 3 in a blog series exploring a community-based response to our criminality crisis

“A stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events, especially for better or for worse, is determined; turning point” — the definition of crisis that we looked at in the first post. A doubling of the cost in crime in 16 years, mounting research which documents the detrimental cost on children of witnessing a violent crime or of being brought up in a home with an incarcerated parent and our alarming rates of recidivism.
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Why Hosting Is Harder than Leading

We have become so remarkably accustomed to a form of leadership that comes from the top. Why? Well, because it is easier for everybody. It is easier for the leader because they can indulge in their narcissism. And, well, we want them to. You see, if they are shaping things according to their filters and persona then we can move in a direction that is embodied by the leader. It is easy to grasp.
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New Citizen-led Initiatives Stirring Up This Fall

Community members connect around specific possibilities they personally want to make happen

All kinds of stuff happened at the Autumn Dialogues Summit on Saturday. A couple of people had visceral moments of self-awareness that it was time to act on what they’d been talking and dreaming of for so long – or “get off the pot,” as one put it.
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